Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I am alive!

There isn't a Ten on Tuesday today so I figured I would just sort of free form write.

My craft/art items are now available to be purchased in TWO places locally.  This excites me!!!  So if your in the Wilmington area you can see or purchase my stuff in Carolina Beach at Island Time Drop-n-Play or in Wilmington at Rockin Roller Salon and Boutique.

I went back to my teaching job last week after a very long break in December.  It was nice to be off but it was also nice to get back and see me students .... that is until Friday.  I can't and won't go into detail but one of my students cussed me out.  Fun times.  I understand my students have special needs but still....

My mom and step dad had us over to their house on Saturday to play Settlers of Catan.  It's the second time we've played it and it's a lot of fun.  I would never have thought I would like it but I do.  Now I just have to beat my mom.

My son lost another tooth the other day.  I must say he is a real baby about pulling teeth and it drives me nuts.  But I got to play tooth fair of course.

My daughter had her second dentist appointment yesterday.  I didn't get to go to the first because I was working and I major mommy guilt over it.  But I got to take her this time and I was so impressed with how good she did.  She sat so still and cooperated so well.  The hygienist kept telling me how awesome she was doing. She looked like such a big girl.

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