Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. What did you do this weekend?
We mostly worked on fixing things around the house.  We also went and had dinner at my Mom's house Sunday night then I watched the Oscars alone (James had zero interest in it).

2. Do you prefer short fingernails or long fingernails?
I like my nails when they are long but for folding origami and my general crafting I need to keep them short.

3. What is your favorite use for Pinterest?
I love finding good household tips and I have found a few great ones.  It also gives me great business ideas.  I also use it to promote my Etsy items as well.  It's just all around awesome if you ask me!

4. Do you sleep with your mouth open?
I try not to but if I wind up on my back it usually ends up open.

5. Where did you have the best pizza you’ve ever eaten?
Honestly my favorite pizza ever is the Gourmet Vegetarian from Papa Murphy's Pizza.  It's got a white sauce and all the veggies you could ever want like mushrooms, artichoke hearts, tomatoes and spinach just to name a few.  OK well now I want one.....

6. What do you eat for breakfast on weekdays?
Pretty much every day I have an English muffin with a poached egg, cheese and turkey sausage.

7. Do you watch awards shows? Why or why not?
Yes, I do.  I love to see who wins and see if my taste is a winner!

8. Can you whistle? Snap? Curl your tongue? Bend down and touch your palms to the ground?
Yes, I can whistle but not all that well.  Yes, I can snap and pretty well too.  Yes, I can curl my tongue. And finally no, I can not bend over and touch my palms to the ground nor do I really care.

9. What email service do you use?
Gmail.  I used Road Runner email forever until we decided to stop paying Time Warner out the nose for cable and internet.  After we got rid of Road Runner I decided to go with Gmail so that if/when we change internet service providers again I won't have to worry about switching all my email over again.

10. What is your favorite outdoor activity?
Going to the beach and being able to get in the ocean and just float around past the breakers and then play in the waves.

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