Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Hubby Rocks!

We all know I sell origami mobiles, bouquets and lots of other cool things on Etsy.  If you didn't know that well then you must be a first timer to my blog!  But anyway I've been wanting to have my own website for my business Katiemade Crafts. 

You know it's quite expensive to have a website designed especially for you.  If you go cheaper but not all that cheap you can use an online template.  But that's pretty cookie cutter if you ask me.  BUUUUUTTT I have a wonderfully talented husband who can build custom websites.  So I put him to work!  My website is not 100% complete but it's pretty close.  So please stop by and take a look and let me know what you think!!

Oh and if you ever find yourself in need of a custom website, custom software, any computer upgrades or repairs or networking issues my husband James can help!!  You can contact him through his website here (

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