Sunday, July 7, 2013

Custom Order Spotlight

I get a pretty good amount of custom orders through my Etsy shop each month for mobiles and ornaments (I pretty much customize ANYTHING in shop FYI).  But I just wanted to share some of my latest custom creations because unlike my other pieces I never get to see them again once they are shipped off to their new homes.  So this is like a trip down memory lane from the last few months.

Coral, green & turquoise flower mobile with accents of pink, yellow, blue and purple in solid paper.

Coral, white, brown, light pink and yellow flower mobile in solid and patterned paper.

Beach inspired outlet covers.

Pink, turquoise, gray and purple flower mobile with solid and patterned paper with different flower sizes.

Light & dark purple, turquoise and vintage sheet music combined in a flower mobile.

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