Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Movie Monday - White House Down

I know this didn't get posted last night.  I was just too tired.  After I got home from the movie I pretty much just went to bed.  But here it is better late than never.

So this week I saw White House Down starring Channing Tatum as Cale and Jamie Foxx as President Sawyer. The synopsis is basically that Channing Tatum's character Cale works as a capital police officer who gets a job interview for the Secret Service.  He takes his daughter with him because she loves everything having to do with the President and the White House. After Cale's terrible interview at the White House,  it is taken over by a bunch of home-grown terrorists. There's a twist here both Ivy and I saw it coming so it wasn't a very good twist. Lots of shooting and crashing of helicopters and cars and strange political situations ensue. And Channing Tatum saves the day.  The end.

I wasn't overly excited to see this movie because I've already seen it and it was called Olympus Has Fallen. But I was wrong. I actually liked White House Down better than Olympus Has Fallen. I like Channing Tatum in this movie, a lot and Jamie Foxx was an interesting take on the president. I actually found myself -don't laugh- crying during one scene of the movie. Not sobbing crying just a couple tears in a very emotional scene. But crying nonetheless.  I also liked it because it had a little bit of humor and it wasn't as violent as Olympus Has Fallen.  Don't get me wrong there's still a lot of violence but it's Die Hard type movie violence and not the more realistic violence with blood like in Olympus Has Fallen.  Ivy and I were both in agreement that we liked this better then Olympus Has Fallen and the fact that it had eye candy Channing Tatum helped immensely. Overall a good summer shoot 'em up thriller. Just the sort of movie my Granddad would have liked.

On a slightly different note.  I suppose it would help the movie reviews if I came up with some sort of rating system. I have no idea off top of my head what that would be. The star ratings are overdone and so are the grades ABC. So I'll give it some thought and think about another way to rate movies because I think it might help. But if you have any suggestions as to how you think I should start rating the movies please comment and let me know.

Update: I now have the popcorn bucket scale rating!  5 is the maximum.  My rating for White House Down is 3 popcorn buckets out of 5.

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