Monday, August 26, 2013

Movie Monday - Jobs

Let me first warn you I am an Apple fanatic (check here for a little more background).  So I am extremely biased.  I love Apple always have and they the ONLY computers I will ever own.  I wish I could say use as well but I am forced to use PCs at work.  OK back to the movie, I saw the movie Jobs with Ivy.

Jobs is the condensed history of Steve Jobs one of the founders of Apple Computer.  We meet Steve Jobs played by in the early 70's as a young man who has dropped out of college but still attends classes and aspires to do something great while getting high.  We learn pretty quickly that Steve Jobs is really kind of an asshole but an asshole who has a dream.  While working at Atari he recruits his friends Steve Wozniak played by to help him out and learns that he is building a personal computer in his house.  Jobs loves the idea so much he takes the idea and runs with it. He recruits a bunch of other misfits and nerds to help him build the computers in his parents garage.  Thus the founding of Apple Computers.  Big money then comes in thanks to Mark Markklua played by and Apple starts to become what we know and love.  Jobs is a visionary but again also an asshole and this is made abundantly clear over and over.  Because of this he is eventually ousted out as CEO of Apple which affected him deeply.  He is eventually brought back to Apple after the company gets into trouble and it's stock falls sharply.  Being the visionary he is Jobs turns the company around with the reinvention of the cute little colored Macs and then the iPod.

 I truly enjoyed the movie.  I knew the basic history of Apple because I am such an Apple nerd but this got more in depth and gave a better picture of who Steve Jobs was.  I also thought Ashton Kutcher did a really good job playing Jobs.  But I do have a huge bias so take that into account.  Ivy who is still a relative Apple newbie liked it as well.  My rating is 4 pop corn buckets out of 5.

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