Friday, August 23, 2013

My Blog's Evolution

When I started this blog way back 2008 I was a stay at home mom period.  I didn't work at all outside the house.  I was cooped up all with two small children.  I needed an outlet and this blog was a place to vent, rant and generally just confess all my mothering sins.  But like all things in life, my life and my blog has evolved into something else.  I am still a mom.  I will always be a mom.  It's the most important job I'll ever have.  But my kids are now 10 and 5 and they just don't need me the way they did 4 years ago.  I've also gone back to work part time teaching adults with disabilities.  On top of that I started my own business Katiemade Crafts.  As I've moved away from being SAHM, my blog has moved away from my venting and ranting and the such.  I've thought about changing the name of the blog since The Mommy Days doesn't exactly describe what this blog is about anymore but I decided I love the name and it's staying.  So if you've stumbled upon my little blog and wonder why it's called The Mommy Days now you know.

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