Monday, August 12, 2013

Movie Monday - We're the Millers

My hubby James turned 40 this weekend and part of the celebration was to go out and see a movie.  He had the pick of any movie out in theaters and he choose We're the Millers.  I was slightly surprised because I figured we'd see something like Elysium or Pacific Rim.  But he said he wanted to see something funny so We're the Millers is was.

We're the Millers starts with pot dealer David played by Jason Sudeikis being strong armed into being a drug mule and smuggling a crap load of pot over the boarder from Mexico.  He comes up with the brilliant plan to smuggle the pot as an all American RV vacationing family.  Being that he doesn't have a family this is slightly problematic.  He ends up hiring a dorky kid Kenny played by from his apartment building to be his son, an aging stripper Rose played by from his building to be his wife and a homeless "gutter punk" Casey played by to be his daughter.  The movie follows this fake family on their screwed up adventure trying to get the shipment of pot across the Mexican border and back into Denver.  They encounter rival drug kingpins, a wholesome home schooling RVing family, and a tarantula all of which bring lots of laughs.  It's not the best comedy I've seen this summer (The Heat was funnier) but it was funny and it was very cool to see all the Wilmington locations used in this film.  Oh I forgot to mention this movie like The Conjuring was filmed here in Wilmington, NC.  There is also the added bonus of the Jennifer Aniston strip tease.  My husband said that was the main reason for his picking this movie ... but she looks AMAZING!!  It's rather sickening how good she looks for her age.  The breakout star of the movie though was Will Poulter who plays Kenny.  He's so goofy and sweet and steals the show with his TLC rap to Waterfalls in once scene.  I would give this 3 1/2 out of 5 pop corn buckets.

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