Monday, March 1, 2010

In Memorium

On Friday we had to make a very hard decision. We had to have our 16 year old cat Circe put to sleep. She had been having major problems and well we didn't want to see her suffer so we made the hard call.

Circe in our condo circa 1999

I got her back in '97 when she was 3. She was living with some guy who worked for my mom and he was moving and couldn't take her with him. So my mom and my ex-stepfather (who was a sucker for cats) took her in even though they already had 3. I happened to come home from college for the weekend right after they got her. She was used to being an only cat and strictly indoor cat and she was being forced to be an outdoor/indoor cat with 3 other cats. Well she hated it. All of it. The being outside thing and the other cats too. She took a shining to me and stayed in my room with me all weekend. I had just recently moved to a one bedroom apartment by myself and was thinking it would be nice to have pet. So I decided I would take her home with me. I don't even think I asked my mom and ex-stepfather, I think I just told them I was taking her. And so she became part of my family. My husband came along not long after Circe. She moved with us to another apartment, our condo and then finally here to our current house. She even dealt with us getting a puppy and then another kitten.

Circe making it clear that she was really our first not our newborn son

On top of that she went through the toddler phase (well she almost made through ... my daughter is still 2 and still kind of in the toddler stage) with both of my children. She was a very sweet and loving cat but she always made her self and her needs known, sometimes rather loudly I might add. But she was the start of my family and I miss her dearly. Her place on the couch is hard to look at without her there. But she is in a better place. So here's to one of the best cats there ever was .... Circe.

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