Sunday, June 30, 2013

Movie Monday Part 2 - Monsters University

Ok so I know I promised this movie review sooner in the week but it was the end of my semester at my teaching day job and that comes with a mountain of paperwork to deal with.  So here it is.  Last Monday I went to two movies.  Yes, I did.  I went early in the day with my mom and kids to see Monsters University and then later that evening I went again on my usual date with Ivy to see World War Z (read the review for it here).

Back to my Monsters University review.  I was very excited to see this one.  I love Monsters INC. so I decided to tag along with my mom to see this one with my kids.  In Monsters University we see Mike (voiced by Billy Crystal), Sully (voiced by John Goodman) and even Randall (voiced by Steve Buscemi) getting to know each other in college.  It's all a cute lesson about not judging people/monsters by their appearance or lack of scariness and throw in a little Revenge of the Nerds Disney style and you have Monsters University.  My kids said they loved it.  My mom and I thought it was cute but a little long and not as good as the first.  I know, I know most sequels are not as good but when we're talking about Disney/Pixar who DID make Toy Story 2 and even Toy Story 3 as good if not BETTER than the original the bar is high in my book.  Honestly what I think is missing is the sweetness of Boo the little girl in Monsters INC. and Sully's relationship.  We did not see it in 3D because the price starts to really add up when your paying for 4 people to see a 3D movie.  I honestly did not miss anything seeing it in 2D.  Unlike some other animated movies I've seen in 2D and thought wow now that would be awesome in 3D (Despicable Me) I never had that thought during Monsters University.  So I say skip the 3D but go see it your kids will love it.

Update: New rating scale added after the original posting.  My rating is 3 popcorn buckets out of 5.

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