Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Confessions of the Day 3

When my son came out of his room dressed for school ... I just could not take the non matching outfit (patchwork plaid shorts and a red striped shirt). So I made him go back and change the shorts even though we had already talked about letting him pick whatever he wanted as long as he didn't put on pants. He just looked so dorky that I couldn't let him out of the house that way.

I buy discounted/clearanced items at the grocery store for presents. It's so cheap when they clearanced things off and it's good stuff but for some reason I just feel funny buying presents for people at the grocery store.

I was so excited about The New Kids on the Block being on The View that I bribed my 5 year old (with playing the Wii) to sit through it after school because that was the first shot I had to watch it.