Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Facebook blow offs

I have to say my new obsession is Facebook. I started on Myspace and still like Myspace but Facebook has great games and the ability to get back into contact with old friends and people I went to high school with AND the ability to spy on people better than on Myspace. So over all Facebook is my new mega time waster. BUT I have to say the ignore feature is interesting. It's great when you want to ignore all the random requests (but my guilty side usually won't let me) for random applications. It also lets you ignore friend requests from people you don't want to associate with. This was all well and good until it happened to me!!! I don't care if you ignore my random Lil Green Patch requests but my friend request well damn what did I ever do to you??? If I request to be your friend it means that we either are or were friends at one point in our lives (I don't go around adding people just so I can have more friends .. how lame is that?). So as I was going through all my classmates I stumbled upon an old friend from Jr. high school. We spent nights at each other's houses and we even saw a New Kids on the Block concert together. I have to say our bond was through the New Kids. She loved Jordan and I loved Jon. And yes I was a New Kid fan (only in Jr. High thank you very much). We went on to high school and we just didn't hang out anymore. We stayed friendly and we had mutual friends and we never had a true falling out ... we just moved on to different circles. So I was excited to see her on Facebook so we could catch up (like I have done with several old friends on there). Well after a week I was wondering hmmm I still haven't gotten confirmation so I checked out our "mutual" friends and she is friends with lots of our old friends. So I unable to take a hint decided something had gone wrong and sent yet a second friend request. Guess what?? That one was ignored as well. Not only has she ignored me but also a mutual member of my mommy group. Now I have to say that I am not a fan of hers (we don't ever really talk or interact) but I am friends with all the other mommies in the group who are on Facebook. So after seeing her at a MNO (mom's night out) and talking a bit to her I came home and thought what the hell I will be nice and ask to be her friend (really just to spy and so that she didn't think I was rude not to ask). Well again my friend request was ignored (but I was not stupid enough to send a second request this time). But with her at least it confirms my suspicion that we really just don't like each other. She was just the rude one and decided she didn't want to pretend. But really when you are "friends" all the other mommies and not one it's very telling. What the hell!!!! Oh well I guess not EVERYONE loves me. But really they should right?!?!?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mini Van Mother Drivers

Mini van mother drivers is kinda like a cuss word (OK phrase if you want to get technical) for me. It started when I was in high school. As juniors and seniors we were allowed to drive off campus for lunch. One particular time when my friends and I went to the mall for lunch and were headed back to school a little late as usual if I remember right (my memories of high school are random & I most of the time I have to consult my friend Jennie to make sure I get the details right). Anyway a mini van all of sudden decided that it didn't want to be in the turn lane and came over into my lane, pretty much on top of me. I know she didn't see me. So I honked and she went back over in the lane and then got behind me. Well it was a bit scary b/c she could have hit us and almost did. So my friend Jennie took it upon herself to avenge me. She then proceeded to turn around from the passenger seat and flip this mini van driver off with both hands and made faces too (I think but I'm pretty sure she did). Well mini van mother driver did not take kindly to that and tailed us all the way back to school. Where she proceeded to turn in my licence plate number and get me detention (there is actually a whole lot more to this story and it's pretty damn funny but that's for a different time). She complained about me giving the bird (I tattled & told the vice principal it was Jennie) and that her kids were in the car blah blah blah! So in our retelling of the story she became known as the mini van mother driver or flipper (again another time).
So with contempt I have been hurling this insult at bad driving mini vans for years!!! And I gotta say mothers in general are somewhat bad drivers. And now I am one (damn when did that happen!!) a mother, a mini van owner, and occasional bad driver!!! But I now understand that stupid min van woman from high school but I would never tail a car full of high school kids and then report them for being kids when I had made the mistake (but I am cool so there you go ... but using the term cool just made me so very old & really not cool at all).

So here is my conclusion: kids make you drive badly!!!!!

Yes it is all their fault. They keep us up all night and make us tired and driving tired is just as bad a driving drunk or so they say. They also scream and cry while we are driving... and that is really distracting (almost as bad a texting and driving ha!). Then there is always the "Mommy I'm gonna throw up!" or "feel bad" followed by vomit and then the swerving of the mini van as we try to catch the vomit in our hands. And then there is just the mindless kid chatter or kids music you have listen to (which puts me into a stupor and about half way home realize I have just driven almost home with no conscious thought). So while I now understand the mini van mother driver because I will admit to being one, I have to wonder now if I will ever be a normal driver ever again so that I can then hurl the mini van mother driver insult again?????

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

confessions of the Day 5

I will only record and watch the Scooby Doo shows from the 60's & 70's for my son because these are the ones I watched as a child and still love them. Not to mention anything with Scrappy is crappy!! And I can't stand the voices on the new animated ones.

I convinced my husband to go into work late so my daughter could nap longer. Now where was I? Picking up my neighbor's girl from school and taking her home. I didn't want to wake my daughter up after only an hour to go with me, so I talked him into staying at home. What I didn't tell him was that it made my life a thousand times easier. That way I didn't have a cranky baby and I also then didn't have to lug a 25 pound baby and a booster seat back to my car, while also holding a 3 year olds hand across the parking lot.

I am just finally getting around to putting photos into frames that I got at my baby shower and for my daughter's birth. That was almost a year ago. Yeah a year. I have had blank frames in her room for a year now. Worse than that there were a few frames already in her room from when it was my son's and they still had pictures of him in them. Yes I am a slacker ... thank you very much!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Keith Olbermann is AMAZING!!

My uncle sent me the link to this. I have always liked Keith Olbermann but now I think he is AMAZING!! Please take a few minutes to watch this and take to heart what he is saying. He is expressing everything I feel about Prop 8 and gay marriage but so much more eloquently than I ever could (and with out the name calling and yelling I tend to do on this issue).

Monday, November 10, 2008

Pet Peeves Set 1

Alright so like most people I have some pet peeves. OK I think I might have more than most people which is why I am breaking them up into sets. My first is going to deal with spelling and or grammar errors I see on places like Twitter (my new fave time waster check out my profile here and follow me).

My biggest pet peeve is as follows; a lot is TWO words not one (alot or allot I have seen it done both ways).

Use has a past tense and it is used followed by to. As in I used to be a child NOT I use to be a child (this is much more common than I would have thought!).

When making words that end in s plural or possessive you DO NOT add 's, you just add '. Example: That is James' letter.
That is James's letter.

So that's my short list of spelling and grammar errors I see a lot on Twitter and blogs and such. These annoy me so beware people!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

No Vampires Here

Well almost a week after I predicted my daughter's first tooth would appear it finally did. And not only was I wrong about when it would come but also which one would pop out first. Unlike my prediction of the canine being first, her bottom incisor popped out first. So she in fact not a vampire but a normal baby girl. Kinda disappointing ... I was so looking forward to raising a little vampire. But at least I can say she finally has teeth ... OK, OKAY a tooth one single solitary little tooth at 11 months old!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Am I going to hell???

So I have never been a religious person. My parents never went to church and so the only time I ever went was when my Nana took me to our family church in Colorado. So I didn't go that often. I always liked going and I believed in god when I was little and I even said the lords prayer every night. But since my dad is an atheist and my mom was just not a church goer while I was growing up I just didn't go often. As I grew up I learned things about religion from friends and occasionally going to different churches with friends. The first incident that started me down my agnostic path happened when I was about 10 years old. My uncle was coming to visit us and he was bringing his partner. So my mom had to tell me that he was gay in order to explain why he was bringing Keith and that they were going to be living together with us (they were moving to NC and stayed with us until they found a place to live). So at first I was shocked to hear that my beloved uncle was gay. I had no clue but I was only 10. So I knew that being gay was considered a bad thing and wrong. So I didn't know what to make of it. My mom just told me that he's the same guy I had always known and this didn't make him any different. Much to my shame I was still uncertain but as soon as he came in the door it was my same old uncle and everything was fine. So then I had to deal with why would god say he was bad just because he was gay when he was such a great person. So the seed was planted. In high school I had a friend who was involved in her youth group at her church and she got me involved. I actively went for about 6 months. I had a nice time going and liked it but one day as we were in the sanctuary we were on our knees praying and the leader during his prayer asked god to forgive us for our sins committed that day. That was my breaking point. I felt like I had nothing that I needed to be forgiven for and also I just was not sure some things considered sins were really sins to me. Really was god going to send me to hell for cussing??? So this is when I really started to question religion and mostly Christianity. In the years since I have come to believe there is a higher power but it's not the God almighty according to Christianity or really any of the major religions. I do not consider my self a Christan. This makes me a HUGE minority in this country. I have become much more aware of it in this very charged political atmosphere. I respect every one's right to religion but I believe in the separation of church and state. I also believe that just because I am not a Christian does not mean I have no morals or that I can not teach my children morals. I know what is right and wrong and how human beings should treat each other. I try to do this everyday and pass the same onto my children. Anyway I was just saying today to my husband that one of the fundamental differences I have noticed between the Democrats and Republicans in the recent years is the use of god and/or religion. I think the Democrats for the most part are also Christians but we/they tend to keep it separate from politics. I just get tired of feeling like I am a bad person because of my beliefs. If you think I am going to hell then fine. That's what you believe. But don't condemn me to my face or get nasty with me. I don't shove my beliefs in your face and so I ask that you don't shove yours in mine.