Saturday, November 7, 2009

Soap Box (again)

So I will admit that I am a full on Facebook addict. I spend waayyy too many hours a day checking out what all my "friends" doing, playing Farmtown or Yoville, or just generally wasting time. I have a "friend", well lets call it what it really is shall we? I have an acquaintance that I may or may not have met a few years back who was in the same mother's group as myself. She has since moved away but asked to be my Facebook friend a few weeks back. And who am I to say no?? I just didn't want to be mean and hell what's one more person. Anyway she is apparently going through a rough time (based on several what I hope were drunken status posts). Well she used the F word. OK not fuck because I have as you see no problem with that word. No she used the F word that rhymes with maggot and is a derogatory word used to describe gay people. And yes I detest this word so much I will not even type it (much like the more known N word). It is a word generally used with such hate about gay people that it turns my stomach. So I made a personal vow to never use the word myself. It bothers me when people feel like they can use it whenever to refer to anyone because they don't like something. I can't stand people using gay words to make things negative because it casts all gay people in a negative light. Some will say I am over reacting and calling someone the F word or telling someone "they are so gay" is no big deal. Well it is. It's the start of intolerance which is never good. When I was teaching high school this word was used a lot by the students along with the phrase "that's so gay" or "you're so gay". I banned both the F word and the using the word gay to describe something the kids didn't like in my classroom. I tried to explain to them how much pain and discrimination these words cause. So when my "friend" used the F word my first thought was to unfriend her (but we all know how I hate that). So I haven't unfriended her so instead I am on my soap box again on this blog. But the next time you think about using the F word or calling something gay think about it first please. You care condoning intolerance and hate.