Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Catching up & custom orders

Sorry for the posts so few and far between.  I've had a lot going on with day job work and a two custom orders I've been hard at work on.  I just finished a custom star mobile this week.  It's pretty cool how it all came about.  I have a bunch of pieces at a local salon Rockin' Roller that has a boutique attached and a woman who gets her hair done there saw my star mobile and loved it.  She wanted to buy the one there but she said the colors didn't match anything in her house.  So her daughter said wouldn't it be nice in my room colors for my room.  So the idea hit and they got my name and number from the salon.  She called me up and we agreed on paper color choices.  She wanted to get a mobile as a surprise for her daughter for her birthday in her room colors, which are hot pink, orange, turquoise, lime green & purple.  It came out so great! I wasn't so sure about the color combos but it was spectacular all together!

The one downside though was the paper I used turned my fingers pink!  So I think I will try to use different paper next time!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. Do you prefer fabric or plastic plasters? (or Band-Aids if American)
I like the fabric ones better.  They stay on longer especially if they get wet.

2. Do you prefer gel pens, biro or fine liners for everyday writing?
I like gel pens best but honestly I'm not picky at all.

3. Do you have a fear or needles/dentists/blood (if all three, which is the worst) and is there a story behind it?
Nope I don't have a fear of any of those. 

4. Do you like jelly?  Do you eat it at any time other than when poorly?
I love jelly.  My favorite is on an English muffin with a little butter.

5. What are your Easter traditions? (if not Christian, insert your own meaningful festival here and tell us about that instead)
Well the Easter bunny visits my kids and leaves baskets and eggs to find.  Then we usually head to my mom's house and have dinner.

6. What’s your favourite book that you have read so far this year?
Bossy Pants by Tina Fey.

7. Do you have any magazine subscriptions or recommendations that we should know about?
I love Everyday Food by Martha Stewart.  It's full of great recipes and ideas.

8. Favourite etsy store (if you know the owner IRL, also include your favourite that you didn’t originally know IRL)?
Other than my Etsy shop???  Just kidding I have a few I love.  My favorite jewelery Etsy shop is Simplish and I discovered my favorite perfume at a shop called Theme Fragrance.  But I don't know either of these owners IRL.

9. If you had play money (£100/$150) that could only be used on shoes, what shoes would you buy?
I would go get some new flip flops and new summer sandals.

10. If you were going pet shopping tomorrow, what would you choose?
In all honesty I wouldn't get another pet right now.  1 dog and 1 cat is more than enough with 2 children, a husband, a teaching job and an Etsy shop.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. How do you feel about April Fool’s Day?
It's kinda fun.  I never can trick James but it's still fun to try.

2. Do you like birds?
No.  When I was little we bird sat for someone and that stupid bird hated me.  It loved my brother but was nasty to me.  Then later when I first met James his parents had at least a dozen birds and they were loud and one in particular was down right nasty.  He would lure you over to his cage and then try like hell to bite you.  So in my experience they are mean little creatures.

3. How often do you wear your hair in a ponytail?
My hair more often than not ends up in a ponytail by the end of the day.  It's just easier and stays out of my way.

4. Do you believe in love at first sight?
Not love but attraction yes.

5. What is your favorite appetizer?
I don't think I have one.  I pretty much love any appetizer.

6. What is your favorite brand of heels?
I don't wear heels often meaning hardly ever.  It makes me taller than my husband and I don't find them comfortable.

7. Are you a picky eater?
Nope not at all.

8. Is there a TV show you like that nobody ever talks about?
Only one I can think of is Drop Dead Diva.  I don't know anyone besides me who watches it and I've yet to hear anyone mention it.  But it's a great show!

9. Do you prefer hot tea or cold tea?
I honestly like both.  But I really only drink hot tea in the winter or when I think I am getting sick.  But I drink iced tea all year round.

10. Gayle or Peeta? (If you don’t know how to answer, read The Hunger Games.)
PEETA!  Was Gayle ever really an option???  I think not!