Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Friend Jennie Stencel Part 2

Well my last post about Jennie was very popular!! So she has managed to make it onto the Huffington Post with one of her YouTube video clips. So go here to check it out!

Oh and here is some vintage Jennie around 2000. One day I will scan in some elementary or high school photos and put them up!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Confessions of the Day 9

I told my 5 year old to go into his sisters' room this morning when she was crying to get out of her crib and entertain her so I could sleep for 5 more minutes.

My son lost TV for a week because of some really BAD behavior last week but I was having such a bad day that I broke down and let him watch a movie.

My van wouldn't start this afternoon (I left the door open and drained the battery) when I was headed out to pick up my son from school. No one was around the neighborhood to help me jump start it and my hubby was at work giving an exam so I had no way to get him. I luckily got in touch with my neighbor who could get him but because I was running so late to pick him up in the first place, by the time I had everything arranged it was way late and it made his teacher have to stay late. During teacher appreciation week no less.

Oh and I had no clue it was teacher appreciation week until today and still have not gotten my son's teachers anything or done anything for them period yet.