Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. Ikea: over-hyped and confusing or genius furniture company?
Totally genius furniture company! I love Ikea.  I like their styles and their prices plus their stuff holds up nicely.  I have a book case and a small chest of drawers from when I was like 11 that I still have and are still in great condition!

2. Your favorite interior-decorator-type person wants to makeover one room in your house. Which room do you choose and why?
Kitchen. I hate the white melamine cabinets in my kitchen and the laminate counter tops.

3. Describe the furniture in your childhood bedroom. Did you like it? Where is that furniture now?\
It was all dark stained wood stuff that was nice.  I had the dresser and desk for a long time and then as I got older I got pieces from Ikea and my dad made me a loft bed.  I even got a futon type couch for under it.

4. When you’re done with furniture, what do you do with it? Donate it to Goodwill OR Sell it on Craigslist OR Put it by the curb and hope the trash guys take it?
It depends on what kind of shape it's in.  We just recently threw away our couch because it was broken and Marley kept having accidents on it so it smelled.  But if it's in decent condition we sell it first or give it away.

5. My Pinterest furniture style could best be described as
antique/shabby chic
so random and varied it’s undefinable
I don't think I've pinned much furniture on Pinterest but if I have or will I'm sure it will be funky/eclectic.

6. Name the most important furniture/toy in a toddler’s playroom. And why?
Storage.  You have to have good storage for toys and books other wise the room will just be a constant mess.

7. Your parents (or grandparents or other relative) are giving away all their furniture. Which piece do you really want?
I would love my mom's desk that was my great aunt's desk.  It's sort of like a roll top but instead of rolling it's an old fold down type and it's really beautiful and has hidden compartments on the inside!

8. Your biggest furniture buying or home decorating regret?
We bought a couch off Craigslist a few years back and that was the couch we just threw away.  It didn't cost a lot but we only had it for like 3 years before it pretty much crapped out.  It was cheap to begin with and having small children is hard on couches.

9. $1000 gift card! Do you want it to Ethan Allen, ikea, Pottery Barn Kids?
Of course Ikea!! I could get a really decent amount of stuff there for $1000. And I could get something for pretty much every room too. 

10. Bunk beds, loft beds, trundle beds, or canopy beds?
Noa has bunk beds and they are nice to have simply for guests but I grew up with a loft bed and loved it.  So loft bed!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. Should we keep doing Ten on Tuesday?
I happen to like Ten on Tuesday so it would be nice for it to keep running.  But I understand if it doesn't.

2. How do you pick out your sunglasses?
I go to Target and pick out a pair that I think looks good and isn't over $25.  I don't have great luck with sunglasses so I don't want to pay much for them.

3. Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?
Not really.  I wear green and my mom makes corned beef and cabbage and that's about it.

4. Name 5 movies that you will never get sick of.
Say Anything...., Bridget Jones' Diary, Star Wars: A New Hope, Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club

5. Name 1 book that you will never get sick of.
Harry Potter (any of them).  I could read them over and over and never get tired of them.

6. Do you know any sign language?
I know a little.  I am actually working on learning more.  I have a non-verbal student who knows sign language but doesn't use it much, so I am learning it to try and get him to use it more.

7. What is your favorite kind of Girl Scout cookie?
Thin Mints and the Lemonades.

8. Are you handy? (Can you fix or build anything?)
Sort of.  I can put an Ikea piece of furniture together and fix some basic broken things.  Could I build a bookcase from scratch?? Nope it would not turn out well .... I don't measure and do math that well.

9. In what form do you prefer your potatoes? (Baked, mashed, au gratin, hashbrowns, twice baked, etc.)
Twice baked or plain old baked is my favorite!

10. Do you believe the saying “actions speak louder than words”?
Yes, it usually tells more about a person than what they actually say.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. What are your designated chores in your home?
I do 90% of the cooking, 80% of the dishes, 100% of the laundry, and I'd say 75% of the cleaning up and putting away of things.

2. What is your least favorite chore to do around the house?
I HATE doing dishes and cleaning the bathroom.

3. What was your designated chore growing up?
I was responsible for doing dishes and my brother and I would take turns emptying the clean dishes.  I also had to clean my room

4. Did you get paid to do chores or was your allowance connected to you completing your chores?
My allowance was connected to finishing my chores.

5. If you had a bit of extra money, would you hire a cleaning person or would you save the money for something else?
If we could afford a cleaning lady I would so totally do it!!

6. What chores will you make your kids do around the house?
They already pick up their rooms and the messes they make in the family room.  My son is old enough that he can feed the cat and the dog so that's one of his chores.  I know my husband can't wait until he's  old enough to mow the lawn.  I'm ready for them to be able to help with dishes or do dishes.

7. How frequently do you do laundry? Wash your sheets? Dust?
I do the laundry once a week.  It takes me about 4-5 loads to wash every one's clothes then I also do the towels/sheets once a week too and that is usually 2-3 loads.  I dust when I can't stand the dust any longer or my children leave hand prints in things.

8. Do you have a designated “chore day” during the week?
No, not really.  I just do things as they need them or the day before someone is supposed to come over.

9. What is your favorite chore–if such a thing exists?
I actually don't mind doing laundry. 

10. Do you do anything to help pass the time while doing chores (music, TV, etc.)?
I should.  I have found that when I put on my iPod and listen to music it makes cleaning much more bearable but I just forget to do that most days.