Thursday, December 2, 2010

Follow me!!! Please. There's a giveaway!

I am a Facebook addict.  I know it and I own it.  It's a major time suck but I love it.  But I have also discovered that it can be a good business tool.  For those of you have been hiding under a rock and not reading my blog I have an Etsy store.  I sell handmade frames, origami ornaments, baby mobiles, and sometimes candles.  But I recently set up a fan/business page for my shop on Facebook.  So now Facebook is helping get my shop exposure and hopefully some new customers.  So now it's not just a waste of time for me!  But I am so close to having 100 "likes" or followers or whatever Facebook calls it now, but I want that 100 soon!! So as an incentive as soon as my Etsy shop's Facebook page gets 100 likes I will be giving away a frame and an ornament to one lucky random follower/liker (??).  So if you are not already a fan/follower/liker of my Etsy Shop on Facebook head on over and become one!!!