Monday, September 14, 2009

Confessions of the Day 11

My son started full day Kindergarten and as much as I as mourn the loss of my baby growing up so fast, but I am also loving how much time I have now with only my daughter and the alone time when she is napping!

My plants desperately need watering but it means finding the watering can and using a step ladder, so part of me is wanting to just let them die so I don't have one more thing to take care of anymore.

I confess! I am soooo tired of Oprah. I used to watch her show everyday in fact I watched pretty much every day from age 10 until just recently. I just got tired of sad depressing topics, her take on things (we don't agree a lot), her pimping of O Magazine, and her way over priced expensive crap on her favorite thing shows that everyone raved about. So I took her off Tivo and at first felt really guilty but now I find it liberating somehow.

I watch Jon & Kate + 8 just to see the train wreck even though it depresses me.

I am addicted to iced mochas from McDonald's. I just wish they trained their employees better so they knew the friggin difference between a latte and mocha.

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