Friday, December 11, 2009

Pimpin Myself Out

I must apologize for my very infrequent posts as of late. It's that time of year and things are just so busy. Between the usual mommy stuff and all the Christmas stuff I have very little free time. And what free time I do have, I have been hard at work crafting for my new venture. Katiemade Crafts on I love crafting and have always had some project I was working on weather it's a scrapbook, making candles, cards, clocks or calendars. Anyway I am selling some of my creations on on my Katiemade Crafts site on Etsy. Right now I just have some frames I have decoupaged but I intend to add more things as I have time. So I know Christmas time is hectic but check out my shop and maybe pick up a present or two or three....

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