Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 1, 2 & 3 of 25 Day Photo Challenge: Christmas!

As I said yesterday I am going to do the new 25 Day Photo Challenge: Christmas! by Positively Present.  So let's get started since I am a few days behind!

Day 1: Lights

I kind of cheated on this one.  I knew we were going to Enchanted Airlie tonight and I would be able to get a really good lights photo.  Airlie Gardens is a local garden you can tour any time of year but at Christmas they do special Enchanted Airlie Nights.  They have beautiful lights set up all around the gardens, Santa to visit and a whole Lego Village.

Day 2: Decorations

This is the ONLY Christmas decoration we have up right now!  I totally forgot I ordered this wreath back in October from my neighbor's daughter who was selling it for something.  But they brought it by the other day and it's a beautiful and smells so good!  I just got finished with my semester at work and the end of the semester is busy so we haven't gotten out all our Christmas decorations yet.  That is coming next week.

Day 3: Gifts

We have just started Christmas shopping.  We picked up this video camera for my son Noa.  He loves to take pictures, so thought this would be fun and James found a really good deal on it.  He also got the activity book for Marley who loves to color.

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