Monday, September 16, 2013

Movie Monday - The World's End

Yes, I know I didn't post at all last week.  I managed to get sick.  And I mean pretty sick.  As in I was running a 103 degree fever for over 3 days.  So I pretty much just slept for 3 days.  So sorry I was out of commission. But I did manage to see The World's End the Friday before I got sick with Ivy.

The World's End is about a bunch of old high school friends in England who get back together to attempt an epic pub crawl they did as young men in their hometown.  Gary played by is the aging addict ring leader who rounds up his old school mates who are rather relucant to do this all again.  Gary pretty much cons all his old buddies into heading to their hometown and start their pub crawl.  About 2 or 3 pubs in the old friends along with Sam played by Rosamund Pike (the sister of one of the friends and an old flame of Gary's) discover that their hometown has been take over by alien robots who bleed blue ...... um lube.  Ok anyway they continue on with the pub crawl because if they don't they will be figured out and turned into robots too.  Their mission is to make it to the last pub on the list The World's End.  So as not to spoil the whole movie I will stop there because you don't need to know anymore for this review and it's always good to let the movie actaully tell you the whole story. 

I enjoyed the movie while I was watching it.  I laughed a lot and enjoyed Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as Andy.  Once I left I though it seemed more and more silly.  This was way more my kind of movie than Ivy's.  I am a sci fi nerd so this appealed to me more than her and I love Simon Pegg.  It was a fun watch while your in the moment but forgetable.

My rating is 2 1/2 pop corn puckets out of 5.

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