Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 6, 7 & 8 of 25 Day Photo Challenge: Christmas!

Day 6: Stockings

There is a reason that I am just now posting day 6 & 7.  All our Christmas stuff was still up on the storage shelf in our garage.   It's a 2 man job to get it all down so I had to wait until James was home to do it.  It all got pulled down yesterday so I finally started getting it all up today.  That's my fireplace with the stockings.

Day 7: Snow

This maybe the only snow we see this winter!  If we get snow it most likely won't be until January if we get it all.  So this is a snow globe my mom gave to us a few years ago.  It also winds up to play music and Santa rocks and the train goes around and around.  Needless to say my kids LOVE it.

Day 8:  Tree

Yeah ..... we still don't have our big tree.  The plan is to get it this weekend.  But this is a little fake one I have had since college.  I put it in my craft room in front of the bay window so I could see it and the neighborhood.

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