Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. What are 3 things that are on your Christmas wish list?
A new watch, a new big skillet with a lid, and the new Red Hot Chili Peppers Album.

2. What’s your favorite Christmas song?
Silent Night.  It's my favorite to sing and when it's done well it's so pretty.

3. Do you have a favorite band or singer that sings it especially awesome?
Nope.  The only band I like to listen to Christmas music from is The Barenaked Ladies.

4. Have you heard about the website goodreads?
Oh yes!  I have an account.  Want to be friends here's my profile.

5. What are 3 books you want to read?
Life of Pi, Into the Wild and The Diary of Anne Frank (I'm ashamed to say I've never ready it).

6. Do you hunt deer?
No.  My family on my dad's side does.  I've eaten it before and like it but hunting is not my thing.  At all.  I don't care if other people do as long as they use the meat or give it away but not just for sport.  Hunting for sport and not using the meat is cruel in my opinion.

7. Have you started Christmas shopping? Are you completely finished?
We have started but by no means are we finished.

8. Did you shop on Black Friday? What was the best deal you got?
Nope no shopping on Black Friday for us.

9. What’s one holiday tradition your family has?
On Christmas morning growing up we always had the same music playing.  Now Is The Caroling Season by Fred Waring & The Pennsylvanians.  It's still one of my most favorite Christmas albums of all time.  I play it now for my family on Christmas morning.

10. How many blogs do you read? Do you subscribe/unsubscribe often or do you purge every once in a while?
 I consistently read about 5 blogs.  I think I am subscribed to like 20 in my Google Reader but the ones I like the most I have delivered to my email if possible.  I don't tend to purge often I just get bored with the blog and stop reading it or I will sporadically read it.

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